Recommendations for trips and treks around the Mediterranean:

Pyrenees, Corsica, Toulouse, Barcelona, Basque Country, Spain, Morocco

[From Attaché Magazine]: "A Marine officer in a former life, George Semler first came to Madrid in 1970 to work on a Vietnam memoir. Since then Semler has authored books on Madrid and Barcelona and lived in the Spanish capital, the Basque Country and Catalonia. Presently at work on a book about the Pyrenees based on a two-month walk from Atlantic to Mediterranean, Semler lives in Barcelona and writes about life in southern Europe. A generalist, Semler has written about everything from fly fishing to flamenco, wild mushrooms and running with the bulls for publications including the Los Angeles Times, Saveur, Forbes FYI and Sky."

The Culture
of Tapas

Spain's legendary 'bar food' was born and thrives in Andalusia
Mountainous Appetites
In the Cerdanya, high in the Pyrenees, it's easy to grow ravenous—and just as easy to find plenty of delicious, hearty fare to eat
Wild France
Corsican food gets its unmistakable character from the sprawling scrub called the maquis
La Diada de Sant Jordi: Barcelona's Lovers' Day
Barcelona's best day? Easy. April 23---St. George's Day...a day when kissometer readings go off the charts, a day so sweet and playful, so goofy and romantic, that 6 million Catalans go giddy from dawn to dusk.